Marman Flanges

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Marman Flange, which is also often referred to as Marmon Flange or Marman clamp, is a heavy gauge clamp band, which allows the interfaces made of two-flat cylindrical structures to be clamped to each other with the clamp ring. The structure is also called Marman ring, which is used in the design of Marman Flange. Marman Flanges are commonly used as connectors and quick disconnectors for the fuel lines of the aircraft.

Marman Flanges are used for every basic mechanical problem in load transfer,in spaceflight systems and also for connecting upper stage clamping mechanisms of the space vehicles used for satellite payload. For instance, it is used on the Cassini orbiter used in the spectrometer of Cassini Plasma. Itis also used for connecting various stages of a booster rocket.

Explosive bolts were used for the separation of the Marman Flange release. There raised several problems of undependability.They used to have debris and it was found difficult while testing. The screw thread was used in the recent approach. The central bolt was unscrewed using the tension of the Marman Flange band itself by the NASA Standard Initiator when a puller for pyrotechnic pinreleased.

Marman Flange was first manufactured by Herbert Marx, which is also known as Zeppo Marx. This is the company, which manufactured the first Marman Flange and Marman products in the year 1930.

Though the regular screw band version flanges are becoming more popular, Marman Flanges are also found in many latest moving automobiles.Marman flange is often spelled incorrectly as “Marmon” flange.

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