A Fine Choice of Electric Cars


The EV (electric vehicle) market is growing fast as many more drivers and governments are starting to support the idea of a greener environment. It has led to many more manufacturers getting involved too as more of these cars are appearing on our roads all the time.

Pros and Cons

  • It is true that the EV is more expensive to buy than the traditional petrol and diesel car; however, in the long run you save on fuel and you will be contributing to a less polluted environment.
  • Your lifestyle will also play a role. If you’re more likely to drive shot city distances, the EV may be an attractive option.
  • Initial fears of limited range are also starting to become less of an issue as the newer models reach 150 miles on average per charge – some even 300 miles. Also, the introduction of more fast charging points certainly helps to alleviate fears. And of course technology is improving all the time to help show the way forward.
  • Governments, too, are getting involved by offering grants to buyers of EV’s to encourage drivers to look at this market.

Five Choices

We take a look – in no particular order of preference – at some that have been popular among buyers most recently according to The Car Buying Group:

  • Tesla Model S – In the luxury segment the S is available from £58,500 and offers a great range as far as EV’s go – up to 311 miles. A great saloon noted for its performance and eco-friendliness. It seats 7 occupants. The upcoming Model 3 should be popular too: starting at £35,000.
  • Volkswagen e-up! – from just more than £25,000 it may not be the cheapest in its class but it handles city roads well and has every comfort you’d expect from a small city car; it offers a range of 93 miles.
  • BMW i3 – available in one of two powertrain choices: either a purely electric powertrain that develops 170bhp and reaches 195 miles per range – or you have the option of a range extender which will increase the car’s range to 276 miles.
  • Nissan Leaf – from £22,330 this remains one of the most popular EV’s. It is easy to drive and has two battery options: one that promises 124 miles per range and the bigger one 155 miles per range.
  • Kia Soul EV– starting at £29,995 this EV is the company’s first electric car and is great in city conditions. It has a range of 130 miles per charge and top speed of 90 mph.