Bicycle Accidents: Collisions with Vehicles at Intersections


According to Washington state law, a bicycle is considered a legal road vehicle like a car. What this means is that as a bicycle rider, you have the same rights and duty of care as drivers. Statistics from the Washington DC area show that many people are injured and die from bicycle accidents, and this may continue to rise with an increase of bike owners every day.

Although it’s economical to use a bicycle, it can be potentially dangerous. You need to have protective gear, use bicycle lanes and use a light on your helmet to increase visibility. In addition, you need to wear light or reflective clothing if cycling at night.

What happens after a collision with a vehicle? In case of an accident you need to act fast, here are a few pointers:-

1.    Assess the situation

When it comes to assessing the situation, this depends on your injuries, if you are severely injured it’s obvious you might not be able to do it yourself. Be sure to note down the license plate of the vehicle as most bicycle collisions end up been hit and runs. Although some drivers might stick around to check if you are okay in most instances, they drive away before the police arrive.

 Don’t underestimate your situation whether or not you are seriously injured contact a qualified Seattle bicycle accident lawyer. A lawyer will help you define the situation and give you better direction on whether you have a case or not.

2.    Get help

Our bodies go into shock after an accident, it’s important to get help in some instances you might be strong enough call for an ambulance. EMTs then will assess you are fine on the way to the hospital.

If you were hit in a public place, there are witnesses all around who will call for help. They can report to the police. The driver and the witnesses will give their account which will also act as part of your claim in case of insurance claims.

3.    See a doctor

A proper medical assessment will save your life. If you were hit on the head, you need to get checked in case of any internal bleeding and pressure. At times, minor injuries might end up becoming severe later, and it’s important to get checked immediately.

A proper medical assessment will help you argue your case in court in terms of damages. With a good bicycle accident lawyer, you can safeguard your claim since the injuries will not be termed to have happened after the accident.

4.    Collect evidence

Although this might sound superficial especially if you are on the ground and in pain, it’s essential. Take photos of your damaged bicycle, injuries and most importantly the license number if you can.

If you get hurt in a bike accident, it’s a good idea to talk to an experienced bike accident lawyer without assumption. Having your situation assessed by a professional will help you make a better decision in terms of damages and compensation.