Dogs And Car Journeys– Tips On Easing Things For Your Pet!


So, you are finally planning a quick trip with your beloved dog, and you have decided to drive along the way. Car journeys are fun for dogs and humans alike, but there are a few safety concerns that need immediate attention.

A scared dog

Not all pooches enjoy long rides. A quick drive to the supermarket can be extremely different than a long road trip. If you have a pooch that’s intimidated and scared all the time, don’t plan a long journey right away. Take your time with shorter journeys, so that the animal can get used to the vehicle and starts treating it like a second home.

Crate vs. harness

It is never safe to leave your dog loose in the car, as you drive. This can lead to fatal accidents, because canines can be unpredictable. No wonder, you will have to find a way to contain the animal. Pet owners are often confused between harnesses and crates. Crates might be cost less, but most dogs don’t like a blocked space. Instead, you can go for a harness that’s specially designed for car journeys. You can buy AllSafe harness, which is one of the best options in the market today.

Caring for your pet

Dogs need to be in a happy space to enjoy road trips and longer hours in the car. First things first, walk the dog before you drive. This will help in spending some of the energy, and the dog will feel calmer in the car. Secondly, don’t feed your dog right before you drive. Give a gap of at least two to three hours between the last meal and your travel time. Also, do not give extra food to the dog. Canines can do well without a meal, and unless the dog is sick or the vet has recommended something else, make sure that the dog is not overstuffed. Along the way, it is always better to give wet food, which is tastier and is easy to carry. If your pet doesn’t like having a lot of water, the wet food will also offer some extra water content.

Finally, give your pet a break every two hours. Dogs are known to like car journeys, but just like humans, every canine has distinct identity and characteristics. Watch your dog on shorter trips and take a call after you have discussed things with the local vet.