How to decide Between Honda Activa, Grazia & TVS Jupiter


There are several types of scooters in the Indian market. But the Honda Activa has always been the most popular. There have been new versions similar to it, and they include the Honda Grazia Activa is considered the safest scooter, followed closely by Grazia. The Grazia scooter is a like twin of the Activa, but the second most popular and best seller in India is the TVS Jupiter. If you are looking for the scooter to buy, read on to see how you can choose from the three.

Honda Activa

The Honda Activa is tried and proven product. It has been on the market for a long time now.  This tested scooter has proven to be the most popular in India. It is powered by a 107.2 cc engine, which provides a power of 8 BHP and torque of 9 Nm. This scooter also comes with great features such a mobile phone charge under the seat making a favorite to many youngsters.

The Activa 5g has a reliable Combi-Braking System, which stops both wheels. The scooter is on its fourth version, and over the years it has attracted a huge following. This is the model to go for if you want a worry-free scooter that will last for years. It costs between Rs. 48, 530 and Rs. 61,869.

Honda Grazia

The Grazia is a lookalike of the Honda Activa 125. It is created in a design that attracts the youth and especially those going to college. It has a busy front with an angled body and layered apron given a complete look by big headlamps.  The sides are angular and sharp giving it a cool look that is loved by youngsters. Smartphone owners have a charger to keep their phone on throughout the day. The Honda scooter has a classy look with a braking disc at the front and alloy wheels. With a 124.9 cc engine, together with the whole scooter that is lighter than Activa and TVS Jupiter, you have an assured a smooth ride.  Its price is between Rs. 57, 897 and Rs. 62, 269.

TVS Jupiter

The TVS Jupiter is for people who want a spacious and practical scooter. This scooter is the second most popular in India mainly because it’s spacious.  It has big under seat space where you can keep any type of full-face helmet. It also ample leg space where you can put other things.

When fueling the scooter, the seat does not have to be lifted up when fueling the scooter. Riding at night is easier compared to other scooters with its unique high beam button. It shows when the fuel is getting low but does not come with a charging socket. It powered by a single-cylinder of 109.7cc, which develops 8 Nm torque and 7.88 Bhp. It is sold between Rs. 48, 989 and Rs. 55,551.

There you go, the prices and great features can help you choose the best scooter for you. They are all efficient and high quality, but a bit different.