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I recently had the pleasure of going to the Mercedes Benz dealership of Baton Rouge and while there you would not believe the kind of experience I had it was really something out of a dream. The quality of service was immaculate. From the moment that I called them I knew that I had made the right decision. See what happened was that recently I got into a minor accident or so I thought, turns out that the exhaust had cracked completely. Now because this happened my car got devalued enough that the cost of fixing the vehicle was more than the car so my car was totaled. So while you bring my way around town I ended up bumping into a friend who told me about Mercedes Benz of Baton Rouge, so I decided to give them a call. Of course I was going to take his advice he’s a mechanic.

When the receptionist picked up the phone she was very kind to explain that if I wanted to I could schedule a test drive so that I could test out how the car drives, they were so kind to work with my schedule. I happen to be a very busy person as it stands I barely get to see my kids and now without a car it was even harder I needed to get this car. When the day came that I did my test drive, I was mesmerized by how smooth the ride was it was truly like the car was an extension of myself it holds its grip beautifully in the bends it gets great gas mileage with very little road noise at highway speeds. The standard sound system is well balanced for any auditory range being able to reach lows that will make your stomach rumble and highs that will make you feel like boy George is jumping out of the stereo and providing you with an in car concert exclusively for you.

The Mercedes Benz Dealer of Baton Rouge had more than excellent customer service I was not left waiting for a very long time they were very attentive they were very knowledgeable and they would have to be because the Mercedes Benz of Baton Rouge has factory trained employees they are taught the love and understanding for German engineering that comes with a luxury German vehicle. The attention to detail that they hold themselves to is impossible to ignore and unnoticed it did not go.

Because they are an authorized dealership they are also authorized to sell certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicles that go through a rigorous one hundred and sixty four point inspection so that they can guarantee that they are just as good as any brand new factory fresh new car scented just assembled Mercedes Benz vehicle. They come with a warranty too can you believe it its one year unlimited miles warranty that can be extended by one year.

I ended up leaving the dealership that same day with a huge smile on my face and a certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz. Buying from a certified Mercedes Benz dealership was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality luxury vehicle and does not want to deal with any of the hassles.