New Floor Mats and Tires are Crucial for Safe Driving


Car owners should ideally make sure their automobiles are well equipped for performance on a year-round basis. This includes extreme weather conditions like blizzards and heavy rain, not to mention summer days when road temperatures soar upward. While new drivers may find this activity unnecessarily time consuming, experienced motorists know that the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly applies in every situation.

Floor Mats

Many car owners still regard the floor mats in their automobile as merely decorative accessories. When one is discussing carpeting floor mats that match the interior of the car, this may be so. However, having weather resistant mats in the front seat of your car, serves a far greater purpose. All drivers need to be aware, that simply changing out the mats under a driver’s feet is key to safer driving.

DigitalFit Floor Mats

Particularly during the winter months, Canadian drivers are likely to drag in ice, road salt, sand and mud into their cars from the bottom of their footwear. This reduces the control they have when placing their feet onto the gas or brake pedals. Melting ice or snow in the front area of the car is additionally a hazard as it melts as one is driving in a heated car.

Weathertech floor mats work well in these situations. Recently, this company brought out a DigitalFit version. These durable mats are literally fit to the exact measurements of each automobile. This prevents unwanted movement when the car is in motion and slippage when entering or exiting. Weathertech also makes all-weather floor mats and cargo liners for commercial vehicles.

Available online for your convenience

Equipping your vehicle with the latest in floor mats is easy as shopping online. A wide assortment of floor mats and cargo liners, including the selections in the Weathertech line is available from Tdot Performance. Shoppers have the advantage of free shipping throughout Canada, as well as a price match guarantee. Knowledgeable customer service agents are always available to speak with shoppers who request their assistance with the website at


If the tires of your automobile are not in good working order, your hold on the road will be tenuous at best. This means making sure the tread of each tire is deep enough to hold an entire coin. Bald tires are not only a threat to everyone in your automobile, but others on the road. It means that a driver will not be able to stop suddenly to avoid a collision or even stop within an appropriate time limit at a red light.

Each one of your tires should contain enough tread to drive on both city streets and rural roads. When replacing your tires, many drivers take the two tires that still contain a significant amount of tread and store at least one of them in the trunk of their car. This leaves the driver with a spare tire, should there be a blowout on the road or one tire is undergoing repair.