The Benefits Of Buying A Car From A Dealer

Auto Dealer

While some people feel they can find the best bargains by buying cars privately, they take on a lot more risk and have less protection when they do so. If you’re in the area, buy your new and used vehicles from Bloomington car dealers and reap the many benefits.


It’s not easy to come up with money for a new or used car, and when you make a private purchase you will likely have to come up with a large lump sum. Lenders are hesitant to make loans for private vehicle purchases, and those who do may offer higher interest rates to protect themselves against deals that are valued improperly. Dealerships offer financing for cars, and can often get you instant approval. Some dealers also offer financing for people who have less than stellar credit, so ask before you decide you won’t get approved.

Getting the Right Vehicle

Unless you get lucky, it’s hard to find the right car at the right price from a private seller. You could spend hours of your time scanning listings, and making trips to see vehicles that weren’t as advertised. When you go to car dealerships, you can choose from and test drive a wide variety of vehicles, and find cars in your price range more easily. You can also choose options for your car that are right for you. This isn’t limited to just things to trick out your car, you might also be able to purchase things like extended warranties from a dealer. Keep an eye out for promotions from Bloomington car dealers, and you might find yourself with years of free oil changes or other perks.

All That Paperwork

Nobody wants to take a day off to go to the DMV to take care of bills of sale, titles, and other paperwork. Car dealers take care of most of the paperwork for you, saving you time and money.

Peace of Mind

When you buy a car from a private seller, you have to take his word that the car is mechanically sound. Unless you get that in writing, there may be no recourse if you end up with a lemon. Car dealers inspect vehicles before they sell them, and offer written guarantees to protect you. Keep in mind that like any other business, car dealers depend on their reputations to keep business flowing. They don’t benefit from unhappy customers, especially now that it is so easy for people to pass on bad reviews via social media.

Next time you need a car, visit Bloomington car dealers to make sure you get the right vehicle for you, with all the benefits you can’t get from a private seller.