What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Car Mechanic

Car Repair

If you need a mechanic, not only do you want to choose a local litchfield auto repair shop which is ASE certified, but one that has honest and reputable mechanics on their team as well. So when time comes to have that basic oil change performed, coolant flush performed, or major engine overhaul performed, there are certain characteristics to look for so you choose the right shop. These are a few of those factors to consider so you make the right choice for your vehicle’s service needs.

Ask for certifications – 
From being ASE certified, to having the National Institute of Auto Service Excellence certification, reliable and top mechanics will provide you with these documents. If a shop says they aren’t certified, aren’t willing to furnish proof, or simply can’t provide you the information you desire before having repair work done, don’t allow them to do any work on your car.

Are they reputable- 
With the BBB, online review sites, rating sites, and other resources that help you find the best mechanics locally, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do a little research before you choose where to have your car serviced. First off, make sure the shop is reputable, and honest. Make sure they have solid reviews, are highly trusted, and are one of the most frequented local mechanic shops, for the specific type of work you need performed on your car. It will make a difference. Not only in quality of the work, but also the guarantees they provide, as well as pricing you are going to pay for the work they are going to do on the car.

Are they affiliated – 
AAA, AAR Approved, or even shops which are linked to top insurance companies, are the mechanics you want to visit for any and all repair work. If a shop is not affiliated, if they do not have the appropriate ratings, and if they are not approved for a particular type of mechanical work or service you need performed, don’t allow them to work on your car. AAA not only pre-screens shops, they make sure the mechanics are fully certified and are the best in their respective field for the services they offer locally. So as a vehicle owner, this should matter to you, and should be something you do consider in choosing a repair shop. If the mechanic is not affiliated with any company, or does not have the appropriate rating and approvals for their services, you shouldn’t choose them, and should look for a shop which is properly affiliated for top mechanical services.

There are dozens upon dozens of local repair shops; when the time comes to choose one, you have to know exactly what you are looking for. Whether it is a basic oil change, engine repair, or tire rotation, the right mechanic will make a world of difference in the quality of work they do. Before you choose a shop, make sure you consider these factors in narrowing down a local shop, and eventually choosing the best people for repair service needs.